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What's Your Home Worth - Kyle Schneider Real Estate

Home Worth

See what your home is worth in the current market with the home worth checker by Sault Ste. Marie real estate agent Kyle Schneider Real Estate.

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Street Match - Kyle Schneider Real Estate

Street Match

Want to know when your neighbours are selling, we'll tell you as soon as it goes on the market. Get an instant update when your neighbours are selling!

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New Listing Alerts - Kyle Schneider Real Estate

New Listing Alerts

Finding your dream home is a click away! Get new listing alerts on all new properties coming on the real estate market in the area of Sault Ste. Marie.

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Property Map Search - Kyle Schneider Real Estate

Map Search

Find your dream home in Sault Ste. Marie and surroundings easily with the map search by Sault Ste. Marie commercial realtor Kyle Schneider Real Estate.

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Kyle Schneider

Meet Kyle Schneider

Real Estate Representative

With a background in business management and experience in various management positions, Kyle Schneider has a wealth of knowledge and skills that he brings to his real estate venture. A lifelong resident of Sault Ste. Marie, Kyle and his family are deeply rooted in the community, and he is passionate about helping others find their dream home in this beautiful, friendly, and safe community.

After completing his Bachelors Degree in Business Management at Niagara College, Kyle gained experience in various management positions in Sault Ste. Marie. He and his wife have also developed a portfolio of single-family rental houses, which has given him a wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate investment.

As a real estate agent, Kyle is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and helping his clients navigate through what can be one of the largest purchases of their lives. He has been on every side of a real estate deal, and he is confident that he can help you and your family find the perfect home. Whether you're purchasing, selling, or investing, Kyle Schneider is the right person to guide you through the process.

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